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Victoria Frances gallery

Victoria Francis

The Art of Victoria Francis

Weaving sadness and beauty together

Victoria Frances gallery

See more of her artwork here. 

Victoria Francis is a Spanish artist who was born in Valencia in 1982. She attended the university of San Carlos in Valencia.

From her early years she was drawn to the forests of Galicia. This and the the visual images of cities of London and Paris  alongside the romanticsem of the of literature and Gothic images helped to influence her artistic style and structure.

The style she constructs is a fantasy and Gothic in its make up.

Her art style incorporates many styles focosing very heavily on romance. The vampire is a central theme in work, however she also uses related characters i.e. werewolves witches ect. designing them with a romantic aura.

Some of her works includes: Bathory, Kiss and Echo of death.

Her art focusses heavily in the arena of fairy tales. Her art has been featured in tarot cards, books, t-shirts and feature films the most well known is the twilight saga movies.

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