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Twisted Love

Twisted Love

Poetry written by Dominatingart4u

twisted love

Twisted Love by Kre8&Domin8

There was a time when romance was alive, when love meant two spirits were linked as one.

Today the house of love has turned into a dwelling of conflict.

A force of testosterone mixed with anger poisons the brain of a frustrated man.

With the anger narrowing his vision he turns on the hapless victim.

A person who not more than one year ago was the object of his affection.

Now the make up she wears does not meant for masking crows feet…

It is to hide the bruises.

Domestic Violence is a killer

Each country has its own statistic. In Australia 1-2 women are killed each week by current or former partner. In the United States over 3 women a day is killed as a result of domestic violence. 1:3 women worldwide will experience partner violence.

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