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The paradise

The Paradise

the paradise

Art by Kre8&Domin8

Poem by Dominatingart4u

I feel the fluids sliding through my veins.

I feel my soul beginning to slip

My skin begins to be wet

My eyes starting to sink.

It is now that I am beginning to touch the warm light of heaven

The fears that gnawed away at my stomach is disappearing

It is now that a light is covering my being

And I am waking up in the gentle caress of flowers and ferns

It is now that I hear the trickling of water cascading

I sit up and there is the image that I have travelled to see.

A white stallion graceful flies towards me with two wings of beauty

And as the effects start to wear off and I wake from my gentle slumber

I find myself wishing that I was back in the land of Pegasus

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