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Tattoo art

Tattoos to Inspire

I love a good Tattoo story. I’m a huge fan of Tattoo nightmare, and Tommy is my hero! It daunt on me, these guys aren’t just amazing artists, they are healers and counselors as well. I am Impressed! The reason why people get a tattoo is often to say something about who they are as people. Many tattoos speak of something positive in their lives, a life changing moment or to remember someone who passed away. A tattoo often reflect the person’s attitude and spiritual beliefs. No wonder a lot of tattoo art is inspiring. The stories behind them make them so.

Power Animal Tattoos

I love Power animals. They are in fact my favourite kind of tattoo. I found these incredible Raven tattoos on Pinterest and I’ve got to tell you: They Are Pretty Cool!

raventattoo 1 raventattoo2 raventattoo4 raventattoo5 raventattoo6 ravontattoo3
You can find more deadly Raven tattoos here.

I also love tattoos inside ears..and I don’t know why…

Maybe because the ear is already shaped like a sculpture and therefore adding even more magic to the tattoo.

branch ear tattoo ear dragon tattoo ear tattoo butterfly ear tattoo cat ear tattoo musical notes seahorse ear tattoo

Now How cool is the ‘Musical notes’ tattoo!!!? I also love the dragon….and the cat…what am I talking about; I LOVE ALL OF THEM.

Where’s Waldo?

Here he is!!! 🙂


See them all here.

Now I can’t talk about Tattoos without showing some deadly Skulls

Skull tattoos come in all different variations; from girly to romantic, tribal to floral. Yes Skulls can be as bad ass or sweet as you prefer. Here are some of my favourite skulls found on Pretty Design’s website. Holding an Owl while you display your tattoo give extra tattoo points in my books! There is even another inside ear tattoo!

skulltattoo skulltattoo2 skulltattoo3 skulltattoo4 skulltattoo5 skulltattoo6

See them all here.

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

I think Marilyn Monroe was the most Beautiful person in the entire universe. This Goddess does amazingly as Tattoo art as well. This is my favourite Marilyn Monroe tattoo art found on worldtattoogallery. Tattoo Artist – Line Marielle Kloosterman. The second picture with JFK in it is made by an artist called Chris Nieves. His tattoo profile page is here.

marilyn monroe tattootattoos chris nieves

We can not end this blog post without mentioning the TrampStamps!

To the TrampStamps

Actually I think I need to devote a whole article just to the trampstamps, so I will leave you with this picture found on Catsmob. Yes guys also have trampstamps :)….glad to see it.


trampstamp guy

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