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Rainforest Massacre

Rainforest Massacre

Save the Rainforest, The Time is NOW

Rainforest Massacre

Rainforest Massacre by Kre8&Domin8

Rainforest Massacre by Kre8&Domin8.

All over the world Forest around the world are Massacred. The reasons are globalization, food/agricultural, and wood harvest. Poverty is one of the underlying reasons for Deforestation.

Loss of the Amazon Rainforest

In 2015 an area more than Seven times of New York City was cleared in the Brazilian Amazon. The acceleration of Forest destruction is a major setback. Africa and South-America have the largest net loss of forest.

What We Can Do To Help

The way we shop in the western world can help stop deforestation. Palm Oil found in a lot of processed food is a major cause. If more people stop buying products with Palm Oil the companies will stop deforestation for Palm Oil. Read more how Palm Oil is hurting the Environment here.

Adopt an Orangutan

orangutan project save orangutan

Image from the Orangutan Project Website.

Deforestation has a deep and cruel effect on Orangutans. Protecting Orangutans help preserve the Rainforest habitat that is so important for a healthy ecosystem we all need to thrive on Earth. You can adopt an Orangutan here, and sign important petitions to help protect Rainforest Habitat. 

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