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Not being me

Not Being Me

Art by Kre8&Domin8

Art by Kre8&Domin8

Poem by Dominatingart4u

Not to be an Aspie: Part One

I am a dichotomy. A stark contrast in terms.

I find that when I am with main stream I feel the warmth of society.

And when I am with @Them@ I am in a world of cages.

I don’t like my aspergers I want it out of me

Isn’t it amazing that a condition that offers so much is causing me so much grief

I just want to be Dom

Not to be an aspie: Part two

Isn’t it interesting? a small little client; so different yet so alike

At first I thought she was just like the rest

But then I saw that there was more to her than meets the eye.

A t-shirt that tells me that there is more to her than her condition.

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