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Men Who Knit and Crochet

Yes, Men Do Knit and Crochet

And do you know what; They are GREAT at it. So Let’s get rid of stupid gender role stereotypes ones and for all!

Let’s start with the Top Male Knitters and crochet artists on Instagram.

Online Knitting Class

CrochetArtist MustCrochet Hat

Men Who Crochet Men who Knit

Yarn Artist Maelusa_angel_photography

Men Who Knit Men can Knit

Kinkiboyknits (a guy who lives in a town called Kinki, he is not actually kinki lol)

men who knits men can knit @kinkiboyknits • Instagram photos and videos.clipular

One of my favorite Crochet artists is Knot.Bad

men who crochet men can crochet men who crochet men can crochet men who crochet men can crochetmen who crochet men can crochet

Avid knitter and self-confessed hopeless romantic Alternaknit

He makes the most amazing knitted Shawls.

men who knits men can knit

The most recognised Crochet artist on Instagram is ChiliPhilly AKA Phil Ferguson from Melbourne. 

The pictures are fun, YES, But they are very skilfully made. This is someone very clever.

men who crochet men can crochet Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly) • Instagram photos and videos.clipular

Men who knit

Men have been knitting and crocheting for a long time, it is time to give them some recognition!

It is so relaxing to knit and crochet, and it even helps people stop smoking. It might never be a fully accepted Macho thing to knit and crochet, and neither does it have to. Even though this book cover might disagree with me.

men who knit men can knit

Men can knit

The conclusion is: Men can do what Women do just as well, and Women can do what Men can do. Gender roles are silly and counter productive. Let’s instead do what we want to do, what makes us happy, FREE from old and out-dated restrictions.

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