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Lo Scarabeo

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

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The art that is used in the tarot deck for Lo Scarabeo gives one the feeling of being taken to a gentler time in their existence. As an artistic group they incorporate artists that tend to steer away from digitised artwork and go for a much more traditional aesthetic. With this in mind Lo Scarabeo creates a feel for the customer as well as the seer that puts them in touch with their spiritual existence.

Clean and gentle colour are utilised as is the implementation of calligraphy lettering.

The packaging that they use is expresses a divine feel that is appropriate for the work they are person wishing to find solace in their lives.

The interpretations are also done in a way which alleviates the seeker of the stresses of the normal existence.

This is critically important to their success as a publishing group.

It is with these factors and others in mind that it is no wonder Lo Scarabeo is a such a successful tarot card series.

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