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James O’Barr

The life of James O’Barr ~ Creativity through sadness

Written by dominatingart4u


See more of James O’barr’s art work here.

James O’Bar is an American Graphic design artist and comic book creator. His most well known artwork is the comic book The Crow.

Born in 1960 in Detroit Michigan. He was never very close to his family and was an orphan.

During his schooling he studied various art forms.

The big turning point in his life came when his soon to be wife was killed by a drunken driver.

It was at this time he entered military service and while being stationed in Germany was drawing manuals for the military. While at this time he started on the story for the Crow.

While working on the start he read a newspaper article about a couple that were murdered for their wedding rings.

Upon returning to the States he continued to work on his artwork while finding work in an auto body shop.

He also started to perform in a metal band.

It was also at this point that the crow was becoming a hit in the underground comic circles.

The comic was then turned into a hit movie.

He has also worked on other comic projects including Gothic.

He has a daughter and lives in Dallas, Texas.

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