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HR Giger Museum

In Memory of HR Giger

The Life of HR Giger

by DominatingArt

Hr Giger is one of the most astonishing artists that has graced the pages of the art scene. Born in 1940, he grew up encouraged by his parents to do a degree in pharmacology. However he found himself very attracted to the world of art. He found himself studying ink work and architecture.

H. R. Giger

His work has been seen in the movies The Alien films, the Species movies, Poltergeist II, Eraser Head and several other projects developed for TV.

He was married to Swiss actress Li Tobler who was also his muse . She took her own life in 1975. Some of his artwork is dedicated to her memory.

HR Giger Museum

Click on image to see more of HR Giger’s artwork.

His first art work was created in 1964. He is renowned for the work he has produced with a style that is referred to as bio-mecanoide. Whereby organic products are melded together with machinery. The look that this can have is very creative and somewhat disturbing. As he progressed he moved on to sculpture. Anything that transcends the the 3-D boundaries.

He has applied his artwork to furniture and other fixtures. One of them is the microphone stand for the Jonathon Davis the lead singer of the rock band Korn.

He has a museum in Guyeres Switzerland that is dedicated to his work.

His work has been featured in many movies. He has two cafes in Switzerland designed on his work.

The style in which he creates paintings are done with an airbrush style.

He displayed his work in an art compilation called Necronomicon and a sequel Necronomicon II.

His most famous piece of art work is the creature design for the sci-fi film alien. It is based on a painting known as Necronom 4.

He died in 2014.

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