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8 innocent Men

8 innocent Men

Innocence art work

‘Innocence’ by Kre8&Domin8.

How Many People have been Wrongfully Executed?

How many people on Death Row are Innocent?

How many people in Jail are wrongfully convicted?

Many countries around the world have Capital Punishment. In some cases testifying against others removes the death penalty from the person testifying. The testimony is used to convict someone else with Capital Punishment. This was the case in the conviction of Richard Glossip who is now in Death Row in Oklahoma State Penitentiary.  His conviction is almost entirely based on the testimony of Sneed who spared himself the death penalty by implicating Glossip.

8 Innocent Men

‘8 Innocent Men’ shows the merged faces of 8 Men executed who were later found to be most likely Innocent. The youngest was only 14 years old. The sorrow in his eyes is chilling.

8 innocent Men

‘8 Innocent Men’ by Kre8&Domin8


Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted of murdering 3 children by arson. Cameran Todd Willingham was executed in 2004. Later the evidence showed that the fire was an accident, and the evidence against Willingham not valid.

Ruben Cantu was only 17 when the crime he was accused of took place.  Over a decade after his execution new investigation showed it is likely Cantu was falsely accused.

Larry Griffin was found guilty of murder of a drug dealer in and executed in 1995. Griffin maintained his innocence and new evidence supports he was telling the truth.

Carlos DeLuna was executed in 1989 for the stabbing of a convenience store clerk. Another man confessed to the murder and new DNA evidence supports the other man was guilty of the murder and DeLuna innocent.

David Wayne Spence was executed in 1997 for the murder of three teenagers. The original police investigator testified during the appeal process that he had serious doubt Spence was guilty. The prosecutors built their case around bitemarks. Review of the bite marks dismissed the marks as reliable evidence. Spence was also convicted for aggravated sexual assault of a 18 year old male which he received 90 years in prison for.

Jesse Tafero was executed after being found guilty of murdering a state Trooper, despite evidence showing he was likely innocent. Tafero co-defendant’s, Sonia Jacobs was released from priosn after her sentence was overturned due to lack of evidence (the same evidence that executed Jesse Tafero).

Johnny Garrett was executed in 1992 for the rape and murder of a nun. In 2004 cold case DNA testing implemented someone else for the crime. Johnny Garrett is a story of extreme neglect and abuse. As a result of psychological and physical traumas from childhood Garrett was mentally impaired, psychotic and brain damaged. Garrett’s step father rented him out to be sexually exploited by other men and he was forced to participate in homosexual pornographic movies. Garret was severely beaten, burnt, tortured and abused from an early age. He proclaimed his innocence to the end.

George Stinney was convicted of murder at only 14 years old. From the time of the murder and his execution only 83 days had past. The trial lasted 2 hours. The judicial process has been criticized as grossly miscarriage of justice. A local historian, George Frieson, started researching the case in 2004 and his work got the wheels in motion to get George Stinney exonerated.


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