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Frank Frazerra

Frank Frazetta

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Frank Frazetta was a fantasy/Sci-Fi artist who was a powerful drive in the art genre.

Born in New York in 1928, he was encouraged by his grand mother to take up art. At the time, comic books were beginning to become evermore prevalent through out the world.  Franks teachers saw a talent that they were phenomenally proud of and at one point wanted him sent to Europe to acquire greater knowledge of his work. However, tragedy struck as the teacher passed away and the school was shutting down.

At around this time he had to go to work in other areas and he started working for small comic book companies. The work he was doing was that of westerns, fairy tales, fantasy and many other subject manners that He also became a close friend of Al Capp and started to work with him with his comic book group.

In 1964 the work he was creating was noticed by the film distributors United Artists and he created the poster for the film ‘What’s New Pussy cat. He was now very well-known as he was starting to be seen again in the artistic field.

He died in 2010.

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