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Dragon art work

Dragon artwork

If there is any mythical creature that commands respect of the artistic community it is the dragon. For centuries, dragons have been a staple of the art world.

These beautiful creatures create a fascination by their sheer appearance and their power in the pictures they inhabit. They create a combination that really stands out. Weather they be western orientated dragons from the days of old, the benign and gentle dragons from the far east or the any kind of dragon dreamt up in the minds of the artists, these creatures are almost the quintessential subject for the fantasy artist.

As is the case many of the different mythalogical creatures, the art that portrays them can used via many different mediums. All ranging from the traditional pencils all the way to the powerful digital art of today.

Some of the artists paving the way into the digital realm of dragon art are: Sandara, Vegas Mike, Kerem Beyit, Anne Stokes to name just a few.

To emphasis these art pieces it is important to focus in on several pictures of these magnefficent creatures.

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