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Cliver Barker

Clive Barker

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One of the most versatile artist that crosses many different mediums is Clive Barker.

Born in 1952, Clive was educated in North Hampton and went on to study visual arts in Liverpool University where he studied both philosophy and English.

He often uses many an especially sparse array of different mediums and these are seen in his books , on his web-sites and other areas of designs. His work is open for all to see in the art museums in Los-Angeles, New York and else where. These pictures and design’ s are also published in books.

He has achieved success in many creative circle not just in the art design arena but also in the creative writing world were he has achieved a degree of success. His most well renowned come from the books The books of Blood, Weave world and the Damnation game. His style in terms of literature is interesting as it involves the both reality and fantasy sitting side by side. Overall his approach is characteristic of dark fantasy.

Together with that Clive has directed films based on some of his books and in process been an accomplished director. These include Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Candyman and Lords of Illusion.

He has also been instrumental in creating art for comic books , video games and other artistic forms.

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