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Brian Froud

Brian Froud ~ Creator of fairy enchantment

Written by Dominatingart4u

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Brian Froud is an English artist who has been credited with bringing to life the faeries in his artwork.

Born in 1947 in Winchester England, Brian was trained in graphic design. A lot of his artwork is inspired by the English landscapes of Dartmoor.

He worked with Jim Henson and Terry Jones in the production of fantasy films. He was also helped the with the designer for the films the Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

He work has appeared in many books. Some of these include: Romeo and Juliet, Goblins and the Labyrinth and Good Faeries and Bad Faeries and have sold more then eight million copies world wide. Other books he has worked on is The Man who’s mother was a pirate and The Wind Beneath the Stars.

He has won several awards for his art work including a Hugo award.

He is married to fellow fairy designer Wendy Froud and have a son Toby who is now working in the art industry.

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