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Adam McLean

Adam McLean ~ Tarot Card Enthusiast.

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Adam McLean is an avid tarot card deck collector. Some of the card decks are shown in slideshow above. As an enthusiast of the tarot card community he is aware of the vibe and undercurrents surrounding this aesthetic form. Based in the UK, he often writes about alchemy and literature that is of the hermetic culture.

He is is well versed in the journal articles of hermetic traditions and was well resourced by many accredited sources including Bibliotecia Hermenica Philosophia which is a trusted and reliable source on the subject.  Because of his academic background, he is able to look at alchemy from scholarly point of view.

His streanght lies in the sence that he best approaches the subject from original source materials. This also includes symbols and other materials. He started his book on alchemy and other esoteric subject materials.

He is always willing to provide information on the issues involved with alchemy.

He is also an accomplished artist in his own right.

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